Independent Bankers Capital Funds

We provide junior capital to profitable lower-middle-market manufacturing, distribution and service companies, primarily in Texas.

Fund III

Fund III raised $33 million from 39 Texas independent banks and one national bank allowing it to receive commitments from SBA for up to an additional $67 million of investable capital (approximately $100 million of total investable capital).

Current Investments

These are businesses in which we currently hold an interest.

ADAO Global, LLC.

Round Rock, Texas

ADAO designs, manufactures, and distributes branded timepieces (wrist watches & fitness trackers) globally, primarily to sporting goods and specialty running stores and, larger department stores. ADAO owns the Soleus (TM) brand and licenses the Columbia (TM) brand.

ADAO’s management team founded the Company in 2009 after previously managing Nike’s Vision Timing and Techlab Division.

IBCF’s investment of $3.8 million will be used to support ADAO’s domestic and international growth opportunities.

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Azimuth Technology

Naples, Florida

August 15, 2017

Headquartered in Naples, Florida, Azimuth Technology, LLC (“Azimuth”) is a leading precision manufacturer of high-end components sold to firearm OEM’s and aftermarket distributors.

Azimuth’s core competency is its ability to efficiently manufacture complex, high tolerance products and assemblies utilizing the state-of-the-art CNC machine tools which has led to Azimuth quickly becoming known as a premier supplier for leading firearm OEM customers seeking fast turnaround times on high volume precision parts and assemblies.

IBCF’s investment will be used to provide growth capital in support of Azimuth’s expansion strategy.

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Berry Aviation, Inc.

San Marcos, TX

Berry is a full service aviation business that provides air carrier and concierge services to both private sector and public clients, including the United States Department of Defense (“U.S. DOD”) and other government agencies. Berry’s primary lines of business are passenger and freight charter services as well as aircraft maintenance and parts services. Berry provides remote site and mission critical airlift services for the U.S. DOD internationally, including passenger and cargo transport, aerial delivery and emergency medical evacuation. Berry also operates a fixed based operator facility at the San Marcos, Texas Municipal Airport. Berry was founded in 1983 by Sonny Berry, who currently serves as Chairman, President, and CEO of the company.

IBCF and its co-investors partnered to facilitate a minority recapitalization of Berry and to support its growth initiatives.

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Champion Life Safety Solutions, LLC

Dallas, Texas

Champion has offices in Dallas and Houston and is licensed with the State of Texas to design, install, monitor and maintain custom engineered fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, life safety equipment, and security systems.

IBCF’s investment was used to facilitate Charles (“Chuck”) Henderson’s purchase of Champion. Chuck has 21 years of experience at RAPP, TM Advertising, Dell, MTV Networks and CommonGround Marketing launching products and services, with extensive sales, business development and project management expertise.

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DSW Homes

Galveston, Texas

DSW specializes in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of damaged homes related to federally funded disaster recovery (“DR”) programs. In addition to the natural disasters, the Company actively bids on approximately $500 million of annual federally funded grants initiated by US Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) Community Development Block Grant (“CDBG”) program.

IBCF’s investment will be used to provide growth capital.

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Integrated Advantage Group, LP.

Amarillo, Texas

IAG is a chemical services and fluid logistics company primarily focused on the oil & gas industry.

In 2015, IAG was formed by the management of Smart Chemical Services as a holding company for their existing and newly acquired operating entities.

IBCF contributed $3,000,000 of a $6,000,000 round, which will provide permanent financing for two previously completed acquisitions as well as working capital.

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PMA PhotoMetals of Arizona, Inc.

Phoenix, AZ

PMA is a leading designer and manufacturer of private-label and branded chemically-etched metal crafting dies for a spectrum of crafting suppliers and end consumers. The Company’s die offering is differentiated by its (i) best-in-class quality; (ii) non-stick proprietary coating; (iii) ability to produce intricate designs, and: (iv) lasting durability.

IBCF’s investment was used to facilitate the purchase of PMA by Ancor Capital Partners.

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Raisbeck Engineering

Seattle, Washington

Raisbeck is a globally recognized designer of performance parts for business aircraft, including turbofan propellers, ram air recovery systems, enhanced performance leading edges, dual aft body strakes, high flotation gear doors, and wing lockers.

Raisbeck’s performance systems are certified worldwide, and installed and supported by a global network of more than 100 service centers and authorized dealers. Raisbeck’s proprietary products are also factory installed by the OEM on certain aircraft.

IBCF’s investment was used to facilitate the purchase of Raisbeck by Acorn Growth Companies, an operationally-focused private equity firm based in Oklahoma City that focuses on aerospace and defense opportunities.

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